CCSF Supports, Expands Piano and Strings Majors

The Cab Calloway School of the Arts’ piano and strings programs have grown from a minor part of the curriculum into full major programs with the support of the Cab Calloway School Fund (the Fund). Prior to the Fund’s involvement, the strings program was taught by University of Delaware students and later by a part-time teacher whose effort was divided between several district schools. Strings and piano programs were offered as majors in 2009 and 2011, respectively, when the Fund committed to sponsoring the instructional staff needed to enable full-time programs. The strings program has grown to include 107 students in middle and high school with 19 students participating in the Cab Calloway Chamber Orchestra. The piano program has grown to serve nearly 20 percent of the CCSA population. The Fund, with support from the Fan Club, PTSO, CCSA families and RCCSD, purchased a Steinway piano for the Cab Calloway Theatre to expand the theatre’s capabilities and enhance the musical experience of CCSA students.

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